Favorite Recipes: April 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

Favorite Recipes: April 2018

I didn't do as much cooking this month as I did last month. Mostly because we were so excited to be done with Whole30 so we went out to eat a bit. I did try out three new recipes:

Paleo Blueberry Lemon Bread

I love love love blueberry and lemon combinations and I loved this paleo bread! The texture is a little different because of the almond flour and coconut flour but it was good! I am going to slowly try out gluten free recipes of some of my favorite gluten filled foods since I want to avoid gluten as much as possible.

Bell Pepper Nachos

Easy and delicious! I loved this healthier version of nachos. I topped my nachos with fresh guacamole and Trader Joes salsa. I also had a handful of corn tortilla chips to add some crunch to my nachos.

The Dud this month...

Lemon Paprika Chicken

Meh. That's how I felt about this recipe. It was fine, didn't taste bad, it just wasn't that delicious either.

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