Goal Check In: October 2018

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Goal Check In: October 2018


  • Drink eight glasses of water a day 
    • I've gotten in the habit of chugging down a full bottle of water when I first wake up and that definitely helps keep me on track for the day! 
  • Journal everyday
    • Most days my journal is just a list of what I have done during the day but every now and then when I have a lot on my mind I find comfort in knowing that I have a place to pour out my thoughts. 


  • Workout four days a week
    • With marathon training in full swing I've had no problems keeping up with this! 
  • Cook a new meal once a week
    • While I didn't cook anything new, I did prepare a new appetizer and cocktail! 
      • Cranberry Orange Cheese Ball: This was so good! I made it for movie night with friends and we loved it! I am planning on making it again for Thanksgiving. 
      • Apple Cider Margaritas: When I say Katie's Instagram about this recipe I was intrigued. I'd been looking for a fall cocktail recipe and decided this was the one I was going to try. At first sip I wasn't sure if I liked the smokiness of the Mezcal but once I had a few more sips I really liked how the apple cider and mezcal blended together. 
  • Work from a coffee shop one day a week
    • Didn't make it out this month! 
  • No TV or Social Media one day a week
    • Failed at this again. Why must this be so difficult? haha 


  • Read two books a month
  • Try a new restaurant
    • Houston
      • Unos P'nches Tacos: We decided to try a new to us taco place and the verdict... it was ok. I had a fajita quesadilla and it was bland. 
      • Superica: When I heard there was a new Tex Mex restaurant down the street from my house I knew I had to try it. I met up with my friend for dinner and we both enjoyed our cocktails and food. 
      • Wanna Bao: We tried the spicy crispy chicken and a few other dishes and were not impressed. We'll stick to our go to spot in Chinatown for Szechuan food. 
      • Smoosh: Technically I've had Smoosh before, but it was from their food truck. I am so happy they put their first store front down the street from me. I love their ice cream sandwiches!  
      • Holman Draft Hall: We had fries and cocktails during our trip here and enjoyed both. I will definitely be back to try some more of their food! 
      • Spicy Girl: We met up with some friends for dinner after having a few snacks at the bar so I wasn't hungry enough for dinner. I opted for some noodles and they were ok. Everyone else though said that their food was delicious. I will be back to try some more of their dishes. 
      • East Hampton Sandwich Co: Met up with my friend for lunch and really enjoyed my sandwich and soup! Will be back for more! 
      • State Fare: So so good! A bunch of us went for brunch and everything  we tried was delicious! 
    • Dallas 
      • STIRR: We went for brunch before the State Fair and decided to order a bunch of appetizers to share. Everything we tried was tasty! 
      • Moxie's: We actually have a Moxie's in Houston and I've been meaning to try it, so when Venus suggested it for dinner I was excited! While our cocktails were just ok, our food was delicious! 
      • HG Sply Co: We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed a delicious brunch. It was a laid back place with good food. 
  • Plan a girls night
    • While I didn't have a single girls night, I did spend time with the girls at different times during the month! 
  • Send birthday cards
    • Got the cards out this month! 


  • Run a 10k - Completed on February 24, 2018 
    • Finished my first timed 10k in 59:15.6 mins! 
  • Run a half marathon
    • Finally ran my first half marathon on July 15! I completed 13.2 miles in 2 hours and 20 minutes! 
  • Complete a Whole30 - Completed April 13, 2018 
  • Plan our 30th birthday party
    • OMG I can not believe that my birthday is coming up. I finally started working on the party and I have a lot more to do! 

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