Goal Check In: Q1 of 2019

Monday, April 8, 2019

Quarter 1 Goal Check in for 2019

How is it April already? January seemed to drag on forever and then I blinked and February and March were gone in an instant! The first quarter of this year has gone in a flash and if years past are any indication this next quarter will go buy even quicker. Last year I sat down every month and did a recap of where I stood on my goals for the year, but honestly I thought that a month was too short of a time to really give myself to work on my goals. This year I am evaluating where I stand goal wise quarterly, so let’s get started. 

Daily Goals 

  • Take my vitamins everyday 

    • I started off strong with this one and then I completely failed. Every now and then I remember to take my vitamins but I am not consistent at all. Maybe it’s because I have my vitamins in my medicine cabinet and I don’t open that everyday? I am going to try keeping my vitamins on my nightstand this quarter to see if it helps me be more consistent. 

  • Create and stick to a morning and night time routine 

    • I thought a lot about what my ideal morning and night time routine would look like and also read about what other people do but I didn’t really set anything up for myself. I think I have been holding back because I feel like I have to create the perfect routine for myself right off the bat and that my routine has to be super productive. This is certainly a case where I am putting too much pressure on myself for no reason. My plan right now is to take a step back and take it slow. I am going to start with figuring out what kind of morning routine I would like to have and get that right before I move on to my night time routine. 

  • Drink eight glasses of water a day 

    • This was a goal that carried over from 2018 and I am happy that it has stuck. I honestly really only drink coffee and water so this is pretty easy to keep up with. There have been days where I forget to drink enough water and I feel the difference. 

  • Journal everyday 

    • Another goal carried over from 2018 and one that will be on my list forever! I use the Day One App and seriously love it! I can easily create a new entry, write up what I did that day, attach photos, and save it. Now that I have over a years worth of journal entries I even get little “on this day” notifications so I can go back and read what I did and how I felt a year ago. It will be exciting a few years down the road to see how my life has changed. 


  • Create something

    • While I haven’t been doing this every week I have been more conscience about trying to just sit down and let myself play and be creative. I think that in the past I have felt that this creative time has been a waste of time and that I could be doing something more productive but I have realized that letting myself be and not stress about if something will come out of this creative time that I open myself up for new ideas and inspiration. 

  • Workout four days a week 

    • When the year started I was in the final weeks of training for my first marathon. I was following a training plan and was trying to avoid over doing it so I only worked out according to my plan. The three weeks after the marathon were recovery weeks for me. Aside from stretching, I didn’t do a single workout for an entire week and then only did three workouts in the next two weeks. Mentally I was ready to get back to my workout routine but my body was saying otherwise. By mid February my body was finally feeling better and I started back up on my workout routine and have kept it up since. 

  • Read two books a month 

    • Y’all, I am doing so good with this goal! I read/ listened to 8 books in the first quarter of 2019. I am seriously in love with audio books, they make picking and cleaning my house way more enjoyable! I love being able to listen to a book while I am doing dishes or folding laundry or even when I am out on a walk. I have it on my to do list to write a round up of what I’ve read so far so I’ll talk about that in a future post. 


  • Practice my photography skills 

    • Luckily for me both my sister and one of my oldest friends came to visit me during their spring breaks and I was able to practice my photography skills with them. My sister has her own adorable blog and I was tasked with taking a few photos for here while she was here. You can see the photos I took of here in her first Coffee Shop Diaries post here. My friend Alana and her family were in town and wanted photos in the bluebonnets so I got to play photographer for the day and took some beautiful family photos for them! It was fun to be back behind the camera in this setting and it also made me realize that I have a lot to learn when it comes to posing people! 

  • Cook a new meal 

This Year 

  • Complete Round 2 of Whole30 

    • Confession: We started and quit a week into our second round of Whole30. Let me start off by saying that I think doing Whole30 is very helpful in terms of figuring out how and what foods affect our bodies. I learned a lot during the round of Whole30 that we completed last year and still use what I learned in making food choices. You can read about my experience with Whole30 here. We were a week into our second round of Whole30 when our friends invited us out to dinner. Immediately the panic of figuring out if there was something Whole30 compliant at the restaurant set in. We wanted to go out with our friends and have a good time and were letting the restrictions of Whole30 put a lot of unnecessary stress on us. We ended up quitting that night. I may write some more about this later but for now I don’t really plan on doing another Whole30 this year. 

  • Run a half marathon distance every quarter 

    • I ran my first marathon on January 20, 2019 and that pretty much covered my long distance running for the first quarter of 2019. I have since started slowly training back up to run a half marathon in the second quarter. 

  • Travel to two places I’ve never been to 

    • Flights are booked for Mexico and Europe! I am so so excited! May and June of this year will be filled with lots of travel and I am thrilled! I can’t wait to explore San Miguel de Allende, London, and Paris! 

  • Finish Decorating our master bedroom and master bathroom 

    • I’ve gotten a few decorative pieces for our bedroom but haven’t finished yet. I’ve honestly been distracted with trip planning! 

  • Refocus on my online business and create a plan for the year to come 

    • It was sometime in January when I sat down to analyze and think through what I wanted to do for my online business and I realized something… I am just not that into it anymore. Well, at least not in its current iteration. I started this version of my business when we moved to Houston almost 6 years ago and I am bored and burned out on it. Because of the nature of digital downloads I will still have my shops up and my printables will still be available but I am not focused on developing new designs and items. If inspiration hits I will be adding new items but I am not focused on growing that side of my business anymore. I am not sure exactly what is next for me but like with everything else, I am sure I will figure it out! 

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